Control your stress while performing high pressure activities.

Monitor your stress to optimize your performance and deal with stressful situations.
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Learn to deal with the toughest moments
Find your mental challenges during your performance.

Train yourself to respond better in stressful situations by analysing your recorded stress levels.
Run in the background to measure your mental stress while performing.
Analyze recorded sessions and detect your optimal stress zones.
Use these zones to optimise your mental resources and improve performance in stressful situations.
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Record your stress
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Record your stress
Analyse your latest performance
Show your stress real-time
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See the data of all your clients
Performance analyses
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Unlimited cloud storage makes the invisible measurable.
Measuring stress provides insight in areas of skill improvement.
Develop your skills and enhance your performance.
Our wikipedia describes how you can apply stress reducing methods during gaming to increase your coping skills.
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Thanks to Tilt.Watch I learned where I can improve even more.
Jarno Opmeer, Formula1 esports world champion
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Use the real-time watch to show your viewers how you experience your game.

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Use your stress levels to excel in gaming

We’re currently developing a dashboard that enables a deeper analysis of your mental performance during a gaming session.
Want to know more or want to help us in development, then do not hesitate to contact us!

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